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Welcome to Ear-Plug.Com, online home of Marchetti/IEG - New England's premiere video production facility.
IEG provides state-of-the-art production services that reach targeted audiences throughout the New England region. We can deliver your production on film, video, or internet-ready media.

NOTE: Anyone who has received a bogus disc will be sent a correct copy at no charge to them. please make requests to



We have just became aware of a problem with the manufacturing of the Locobazooka L13 DVDs. It has come to our attention that there was a mix up at the replication plant whereby other DVD content was packaged in our Avery case. The DVDs are properly labeled, i.e, they have the right artwork on them, however, when they are inserted into a DVD player, the disc, which is audio only incidentally, plays psalms from the bible, of all things! (What is very disconcerting is that somewhere, someone, assumingly religious, is watching a video of a hard rock music festival.


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The Locobazooka! Lucky 13 DVD is here!

The DVD is over three hours long, and includes a bonus CD featuring some of the area's best local bands.
...Featuring interviews, comedy from Big Nazo, Locobabes, tons of crowd action, parodies, and of course, the best of local and national music performances.
Get it here online or visit Strawberries Records, Newburry Comics, or FYE stores.


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